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Renaissance Rumford 1000

Renaissance Rumford
Renaissance Rumford 1000
Ceramic Glass Hideaway Door
This is the same glass used in wood stove doors. Making the mechanical components durable enough that they never need to be serviced requires expensive hardware, detailed engineering and precision laser fabrication. The door is both beautiful and functional. We've eliminated stress on the door by making it operate smoothly enough that it can be raised effortlessly. The entire guillotine door mechanism can be removed and serviced at any time, even after the fireplace has been fully finished. Simply lowering the door makes the Renaissance a much more efficient fireplace.

The Rumford Throat
Rumford firebox designs have a unique curved throat. The smooth throat crates laminar air flow into the flue and reduces air turbulence in the firebox. Reducing turbulence improves draft, increases flame size and reduces the possibility for smoke to spill into the home. The curved throat in a Renaissance Rumford Fireplace is sculpted out of specialized vermiculite to improve heat reflection in the throat, resulting in even stronger draft.

The Firebox Lining
There are two options for the firebox lining in the Rumford 1000; the Rumford 1500 comes standard with Vermiculite Panels.

Refractory Bricks (Rumford 1000 only):
The Refractory Bricks are a shade of light grey and have a traditional running bond brick pattern. Designed to last a lifetime, Refractory Bricks are durable even under extreme temperatures. We hand cast our refractories using the best quality materials available. All of our Refractory Bricks contain a web of stainless steel pins embedded in them to act as rebar, thus preventing cracking and breakage. With this choice of firebox lining your panels can take a beating and come out looking like new.

Vermiculite Panels:
Vermiculite Panels are beige in color and have been designed with a herringbone brick pattern. The Vermiculite Panels are high performance / high maintenance panels. They heat up faster; reflect more heat and produce lower emissions than refractory bricks. Over time however, some deterioration of the Vermiculite Panels will occur, as they are not as rugged as Refractory Bricks. Cracked panels and visible signs of wear are normal with the Vermiculite Panels. Replacements can be purchased as necessary.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
A typical pre-fabricated wood burning fireplace weighs less than 200 lbs, often closer to 100. Most of the Renaissance’s weight (approx. 750lbs) comes from heavy steel construction. With 20 years of experience fabricating clean-burning, built-in stoves we know how they are used and abused in the field. We built the Renaissance the same way we build RSF Fireplaces, so they can be used on a daily basis and last as long as your house.

The Chimney
The Renaissance uses only Model RIS chimney which is listed to UL 103HT, the UL Standard for chimneys capable of withstanding repeated chimney fires. It is also the highest standard that any large diameter chimney is certified to. Model RIS is also the only large diameter chimney with a lifetime replacement warranty, even in the event of a chimney fire and it even helps contribute to our efficiency numbers.
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