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"Just a short note to thank you for following up on the noise problem I had with my Charka 34L purchased 1/30/2015 and installed 2/6/15 I called your store in January 2016 to complain about a noisy rattle and you sent a service tech shortly thereafter who came out and tried to isolate the noise unsuccessfully. He thought it was in the front facia panel and installed a few magnets and called it a day. He also tried to sell me on the value of a complete service of the stove without adequately explaining just what the service consisted of. The night after he left the noise was still just as evident as ever and I told my wife so much for service, but understanding the difficulty of intermittent problems vowed to try and figure it out and narrow the symptoms. I did determine it had nothing to do with the decorative facia front by removing it and running it long enough to make noise without the presence of the front panel. I tried numerous band-aids such as small wedges between the bricks and the stove that seemed to improve it but not entirely eliminate it. Finally in frustration I called the store again and another service appointment was made.

This time a young man named Dan arrived at the appointed time and the contrast was like night and day. Dan said to make sure the unit was off and cool when he arrived as he had a replacement blower dictated by the recall notice on this particular model of stove. He quickly checked the operation of the stove and then dissembled things and pulled the unit out far enough to gain access to the old blower and installed the replacement. He reassembled everything and tested to ensure no more noise and even cleaned up the dirty interior glass face and informed me of the need to run with the pilot light constantly on to avoid the condensation and accumulation of dirt that is more prevalent when running with the pilot only being lit on demand, thus avoiding the condensation associated with temperature changes. I must say that it was refreshing to meet a serviceman whom obviously still takes pride in his work and endeavors to do the very best he can on each and every job. He was totally professional and polite and a stark contrast to the run of the mill service people these days that hardly seem to care about what impression they convey. Thanks again for the great service and the great products, we are extremely satisfied with both our Stove and the Emerson fan we bought from your store, and my wife will be in sometime soon to look at what you offer in the way of small two person spas. "
Dale M., CA

"After 3 years of "Spare the Air days" my wife and I decided to purchase a "gas insert" for our home. We visited Buckstove three times to view our options and gain insight into the direct and indirect cost. The staff was knowledgeable and never showed an attitude of "here they come again" . After purchasing the Jordan model, we were supplied information about the install and a template to ensure the modifications we needed to make were correct. On the day of the scheduled install we were called ahead to ensure we would be home and confirming the time. The install team showed up right on schedule. We love our insert and when ready to purchase a unit for the bedroom we will be returning back to Buckstove. Excellent service both at the sales and installation level."
Mark R., Oakland, CA

"I have bought two natural gas inserts from Buck Stove, and they have done a great job explaining the various features, and made sure that both were installed safely. They do make you work with a separate contractor for gas and electric service to the install location, but that was not that big of a deal. They also customized the install so I could turn on both or either using my home-automation system, and didn't charge me extra for that. Overall, good service from Buck, recommended!"
Morten S., Orinda, CA

"Buck Stove installed a gas fireplace 10 years ago which was not functioning properly. Despite the time passed, Ed evaluated the situation, ordered a new log which had cracked and resolved our problem for a very reasonable price. This kind of service and commitment is outstanding!"
John M., Moraga, CA

"In the last four years, I have purchased two fireplace inserts. Beautiful to behold and I have received many compliments in this time. I called and ask to have one of their servicemen come out to check one of my controls. He called me the next day and came out 5 days later. He was kind, knowledgeable & courteous. We were both pleased and delighted when he left. I would give them 5 stars from the very beginning and their service has not changed."
Lea D., Pinole, CA

"I stopped by Buck Stove late one afternoon a couple of months ago and Paul Miller could not have been more gracious with his time. Nothing was going to be purchased during my visit as I was just exploring some of our options and Paul knew this and was still very courteous. As this area is unknown to me he broke everything down step by step so that I could share it with my beau. We've since had a chimney specialist come out to give me his expert opinion on our options and there is no doubt we will come back to Buck Stove to explore the cost of a fireplace insert. We will also explore other stores, but again would give them the opportunity to make a sale based on my initial visit."
Jess K., Berkeley, CA

"I've been shopping for a fireplace insert. Mike was very helpful and informative and the owner Greg was willing to work with me to get a fireplace insert and installation within our budget. I've read the reviews and researched different vendors in the area (Berkeley & Hayward) and decided to go with this family owned business that seems to care about customer service and doing a good job. So far I've had a good experience and would recommend them to my friends. I will write a follow up review after the fireplace insert arrives and is installed."
Anita B., Oakland, CA

"We recently purchased a gas insert fireplace to replace the one that the previous owners had installed about 15 years ago by Buck Stove. The old one still worked (surely thanks to Buck Stove's service over the years), but we wanted to change the style. The new one we have now wasn't burning the way it should, so I called and left a message about the problem. I received a lengthy voice message back from them providing me with lots of useful information. However, I called back to let them know I felt they needed to take a look at the unit since I didn't feel comfortable taking the thing apart myself. Dan was here today and showed me how to take it apart and explained the various parts and features of the unit - as a teacher, I appreciate anyone who can explain things clearly (not very many people know how to do that!). He rearranged the rocks (they hadn't been put in correctly in the first place) and did so consulting me the whole way to be sure I was happy with the layout. He cleaned some rocks that had been covered with soot (showed me how to do this as well). He also cleaned the glass cover and explained how to do this, too! I thoroughly expected I would be paying for the service call, but he told me that I didn't need to pay him since this was part of their SERVICE - wow! Didn't think there were any businesses out there anymore that provided or cared about customer service. A pleasure doing business with them - I recommend them highly! Also wonderful to be able to support a locally owned and operated business."
S. K., Walnut Creek, CA

"We recently purchased three fireplace inserts from Buck Stove (two gas, one wood) and had them installed by the shop.  It was a seamless process throughout.  Beginning with our first trip to the showroom, Mike was very helpful but not at all pushy, patiently explaining our options, estimated costs, estimated savings, pros and cons of gas vs. wood vs. pellet, basically the A to Z of heating.  Mike recommended top-quality inserts and took the opportunity to pass along manufacturer rebates on the gas units so we could save a significant amount.  The inserts are pricey, but we are already starting to see a drop in our PG&E bill now that we are not using inefficient central heating and I have no doubt the inserts will pay for themselves entirely in a few years.  In addition, they are great to look at and incredibly easy to operate.  The installation crew took time to install each unit properly and were professional throughout -- both the salesmen and installers have stoves or inserts themselves so they knew what they were doing and what they were talking about -- a good reminder of the value of local businesses."
Andrew L., Moraga, CA



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